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Community education and action in Hawaii to fight climate change.


Restore Hamakua Marsh

11 school groups and additional community members are restoring the watershed at Hamakua Marsh with native trees and plants.  The trees sequester carbon and more!

Learn about Climate Change

Elementary schools and other groups participate in workshops and talks to learn about climate change, land use change and the impact on native species.

Cut your Carbon Emissions

Get the biggest bang for your buck!  Learn what you do that produces the most emissions, and the easiest ways to reduce emissions.

Influence the Legislature

Hawai'i passed the Bill requiring 100% Renewable Energy for power by 2045. Learn what is being considered this session and how to be heard.


Click your school icon for photo gallery and tree care schedule.


Your time, special skills or donations are welcome!

Adopt a tract of native forest at Hamakua Marsh and/or participate in workshops.

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Healthy Climate Communities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Donations are tax deductible.