Your Voice Counts

Let your voice be heard every step of the way with our help.  To become law, Bills need support at each hearing, sometimes scheduled last-minute.  Use the information provided to quickly write testimony JUST ONCE.  Let us help you re-submit as needed.


HB 550 / SB 571:  100% renewable power means 100%.  Fix the bad math and eliminate the loophole for gas.  


HB 1483:  Lower urban temperatures and absorb storm water with trees and greenery in Honolulu's concrete jungle.

Why bother writing letters to legislators?

Most bills in the Hawaii State legislature generate little or no public interest, so bills with public testimony and letters stand out.

Recent successes that enjoyed community support:

  • The law requiring Hawaii to generate 100% of its power from renewable sources by 2045.
  • The law requiring Hawaii to become carbon neutral by 2045.
  • The law that rewards HECO for performance instead of for buying expensive imported fuel.
  • The law requiring HECO to establish a community solar program so residents without roof space can also invest in solar panels.
  • The Public Utilities Commission rejected NextEra's request to take over HECO.

Some efforts fail, but supporting them gets the dialog going for future years.

Letters to the Editor / Opinion Pieces

Letters to the editor are an additional way to reach local legislators as well as influence public opinion.  For instructions and published samples from HCC, click here.