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To become law, Bills need support at each hearing, sometimes scheduled last-minute.  Use the information provided to quickly write testimony JUST ONCE.  Let us help you re-submit as needed.

Step 1-Get Registered (one-time only)

  1. Go to the Hawaii State Legislature website to sign up.
  2. Click "Register" on the upper right corner. Fill out the form. Remember your email and password.
  3. You will receive an email with a couple of minutes delay. Click on the link provided in the email to confirm.

Step 2-Choose the Bill Below and write your testimony.

Sample messages are available to copy and paste in the form. Please amend to make it your own.

Last session's Bills - stay tuned early 2020 for the next round!


HB550   SB571

100% Renewable power =100%

1. Fix the math - solar rooftops are double-counted so we could have 100% and still burn coal.
2. Close the loophole for gas - they are currently exempted even though methane is a potent greenhouse gas.
3. Move up the benchmarks - large scale solar power is already about half the price of oil.



I [support / strongly support/request that you support/ask you to pass] HB550 and SB571.

A. The transition to 100% renewable energy in Hawaii will save us money, clean our air, create local jobs, and make our energy supply more secure. To maximize these benefits, we need this bill to fix the math so that 100% actually means 100%. We also need to close
the loophole for the gas industry. Finally, given how much cheaper renewable energy has become than imported oil, we will save money if we move the timeline up.

B. We have a law mandating 100% renewable energy by 2045 to stop the flow of money out of our state to pay for fossil fuels, create jobs, clean the air and slow climate change. Right now solar rooftops are double-counted and the calculations are wrong. Also, gas has no requirements on it at all which is unfair and distorts economic decisions. Finally, given how much cheaper large solar farms have become than imported oil, our State will save
money and reap more benefits if the benchmarks are updated to speed the transition.

C. Write your own!


By sending this form you are giving HCC permission to resubmit your testimony as the bill moves forward. We will add the salutation for each committee. A full record of submitted testimony will be available for you to see when you log in to the legislative system website.

Why bother writing letters to legislators?

Most bills in the Hawaii State legislature generate little or no public interest, so bills with public testimony and letters stand out.

Recent successes that enjoyed community support:

  • The law requiring Hawaii to generate 100% of its power from renewable sources by 2045.
  • The law requiring Hawaii to become carbon neutral by 2045.
  • The law that rewards HECO for performance instead of for buying expensive imported fuel.
  • The law requiring HECO to establish a community solar program so residents without roof space can also invest in solar panels.
  • The Public Utilities Commission rejected NextEra's request to take over HECO.

Some efforts fail, but supporting them gets the dialog going for future years.

Letters to the Editor / Opinion Pieces

Letters to the editor are an additional way to reach local legislators as well as influence public opinion.

There is an easy online form with instructions at http://www.staradvertiser.com/editorial. They will call
to confirm that it was you that submitted before they publish.

Letter writing tips:

• Refer to a current event, published article, legislative initiative to make the letter topical.
• Assume the reader has no previous knowledge of the issue.
• Prioritize just one or two points to make (150-word limit).
• Take a clear stand - it is an opinion piece.

Longer “guest writer” opinion pieces are also an option (500-600 words) but face a higher standard of

Letters to the editor are an additional way to reach local legislators as well as influence public opinion.  Examples by HCC below.