Thank you for volunteering to care for the native plants at Hamakua Marsh .

You can go in anytime convenient to you during your week.  You can drive in and park in the grassy area by the gate.

SUPER IMPORTANT: The gate uses a lock-to-lock system with our large brass lock and the DLNR small silver lock - as if the locks were links in the chain. If you lock chain-to-chain DLNR staff will not be able to get in. The code is for the middle row of the exposed part of the lock, not the top row where the notches are.

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 11.40.08 AM

1.  Check irrigation.  Is your line intact and are the drip emitters next to each plant?  If not, fix it if you can and call Lisa if you can't.

2.  Weed. Maintain your school's area clear of weeds. They are easy to pull out by the roots when they are still small.

3.  Record. Please go to your groups page on the website and write in the comment box that you went.  Share something you noticed or experienced.  Email a photo for posting

Don't hesitate to contact Lisa with questions, requests for help, and suggestions.  If you are on site and timing is an issue, call.

Enjoy seeing your forest grow and provide a place for native plants, damselflies, butterflies and birds.