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SB 559 notes the importance of the Paris agreement and how Hawaii can uphold it even if the Federal government backs out.  The Department of Accounting and General Services is designated the lead agency to undertake strategies and mechanisms to reduce and mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions of all state departments and agencies. They would share information, use consistent methods to measure and avoid double-counting.


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1.  This comprehensive Bill ties together many of Hawaii’s existing laws which seek to prepare for climate change, move towards clean energy and restore our environment.  The efforts can be better coordinated with a central agency setting goals, facilitating communication between agencies and documenting progress.  

2.  Hawaii faces the threat of rising sea levels which will destroy homes and businesses and damage our supplies of fresh water.  The rising temperatures and increased acidification of the ocean water are damaging our marine ecosystems.  We have more frequent warnings of extreme weather events.  We cannot wait for leadership at the national level, we need to take action now to minimize the damage and the cost of mitigation.

3.  Climate change is the biggest challenge we face, with negative consequences for our economy, our health, and our security.  We need to make sure our good intentions to reduce our emissions and plan for the coming changes are translated into action.  This Bill will provide a single agency to document and coordinate the efforts.

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