Meet the Team

Dr. Lisa Marten

Executive Director & President

As a public health professional, Lisa believes climate change is the biggest health threat of our time.  She is taking action from multiple angles and wants to help others do the same.

Partners - Hamakua Marsh

Katie Doyle

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 9.44.13 PM

Nick Vargas

Nick and Katie are biologists at the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, Department of Forestry and Wildlife.  They manage the Hamakua Marsh wildlife preserve and oversee and support the Healthy Climate Communities project there.

Partners - State Policy


Some Healthy Climate Community efforts to lobby for clean energy have been supported by and channeled through Blue Planet Foundation legislative initiatives.

Hawaii State Representative Chris Lee 

Representative Chris Lee
As Energy and Environmental Protection Committee Chair, Chris sponsors and promotes numerous clean energy bills every session and we collaborate with him.

Collaborators and Volunteers

Tara Spagnoli

Artist, Educational Materials

Jensin Sommer

Artist, Signage


Cindy Petersen

Vice President

Richard Drake

Art Photographer

Le Jardin Academy HS

Site Work - Regularly!

Kimo Tully

Tree Removal Artist


Karen Simmons


Annie Cusick

Educational Consultant

Russell Knight

Russell's Master Plumbing

and Repairs

Peter Binney

Irrigation Expert


Randy Erickson

Chainsaw Master

Monica Lau


Camilo Mora

Pilot Project Partner

Punahou Academy

200+ HS Students Volunteered


The Harold K. Castle Foundation

The Zilber Family Foundation

Levani Lipton

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Karl & Megumi Essig

McKinley Bike Shop - recycled cardboard

All Pool and Spa -  recycled buckets