Planting day July 7, 2017.  This is the steepest, rockiest site - what troopers!

Caring for the plants as they grow!


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7 thoughts on “z Windward Homeschool

  1. September 19, 2018 – A productive day of weed and vine removal! We had a great morning. Appreciative of the red ribbons now that things are growing so well. We will be back soon for maintenance.

  2. August 15

    Hi everyone – a very strong 8-year-old volunteer managed to puncture the main water line over at another part of the out-planting a month ago while I was traveling. I had someone turn off the water, but since it doesn’t really turn off all the way some plants luckily still got a bit of water. The ones at the end of the line did not, and that is why so many died. When I got back two weeks ago, a plumber came and fixed the puncture and the irrigation was turned back on. My sister, my niece and I replaced the dead plants last week and so far they look OK. I started putting more black cloth on the very steep part today.

    Thanks for all your work!


  3. We went around 4pm and sun was still shining brightly. Lots of weeds at the south end of our section, we pulled some out but covered up the rest with cardboard and lots of wet mulch to block from the sun. Looks like most of the trees took well and about 2 feet tall with multiple leaves. Shucks the tree we planted on the side of the big hill was overtaken by weeds. I was wondering what times do the irrigation system go on each day? We had a few slippages so don’t mind the tracks going down the center area of the hill.

  4. Nevermind we got it open. All is well with the trees. We weeded and checked water lines. About 8 trees didn’t make it but the rest look good with new growth along the stalks. Will be back soon!

  5. Trying to get into the lot today and the lock won’t open for us. 🙁 Not sure if maybe it’s stuck.

  6. July several,of our plants appeared to have not survived and we pulled weeds around plants we could see. It appeared that they were all being watered and dipping well.

  7. The irrigation system went in on Saturday. I will be traveling for 2 weeks, so please let me know if you visit and the soil around the seedlings is dry. I marked the trees with red ribbon so they will be easy to spot.

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