Healthy Climate Communities is working to make sure the next generation is educated on Climate Change and what they can do about it.

Next Generation Science Standards Curriculum - NEW!

Multiple NGSS grade-level Performance Standards met with a Hawaii focus, and direct connections to English, Social Studies and Math Standards.  

  • Teacher guide
  • Student workbook
  • Slide presentations for use in class
  • Available online free
  • Training available

5th grade unit on earth systems.  Hawai’i materials include GIS maps, illustrations, real data from State to watershed level, and design task with native trees.  Classroom tested and ready to use.

Middle School Unit (6th for integrated; 8th for disciplinary) on climate change. Includes experiment, learning about graphs, and design task with school-based activities. Classroom tested and ready to use.

High School Biology Unit on photosynthesis, the carbon cycle, ocean acidification and threats to biodiversity.  Ready to pilot!  Please inquire.

High School chemistry Unit on combustion, energy transformation, energy storage and climate change.  Under construction, only outline available.  Please inquire.

Interactive Workshops

Schools on Oahu can sign up for three workshops, adapted to the grade/s chosen by the school.

  1. Causes and consequences of climate change
  2. Land use change, climate change and the impact on native species.
  3. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint (game)

The workshops are interactive using games, role play and coloring to teach the concepts in an age-appropriate way.  The curriculum and materials were generated in-house and have a local focus where possible.


Field Trips to Hamakua Marsh

Place-based education at the marsh on the native birds and plants is tied in to workshop themes and includes a service component.


Talks on Climate Change and the project have been given to High Schools, parent groups, clubs and other organizations upon request.

Public Symposium

As a member of the Windward Climate Change Hui, Lisa was a co-organizer of a symposium almost 200 people in attendance, 6 speakers and 10 different groups with work related to climate change hosting booths.  Video links to the talks and other useful information is available here.