Place-based Science curriculum

5th Grade

Earth Systems in my Ahupua'a 

Hawai’i materials include GIS maps, illustrations, real data from State to watershed level, and design task with native trees.

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6th / 8th Grade
High School Chemistry

PDE3 for DOE teachers. 3 credits.  No cost.

HS Chemistry:  Energy Solutions  January 2023.

5th grade:  Earth Systems in my Ahupua’a   Spring & Fall 2022.  SC186867 Online, section 308436 syllabus

6th / 8th grade:  Global Climate Change: Local Impact & Action    Spring & Fall 2022. SC186889 Online, section 308437 syllabus

Field Trips / Service Visits to Hamakua Marsh

Plant and care for our native forest.  Place-based education at the marsh on the native birds and plants is combined with service.  If you want to combine the visit with a class lesson, we can help.

Interactive Workshops 4th-12th

Schools on Oahu can sign up for workshops, adapted to the grade/s chosen by the school. Topics include:

  1. Causes and consequences of climate change
  2. Land use change, climate change and the impact on native species.
  3. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint (game)

The workshops are interactive using games, role play and coloring to teach the concepts in an age-appropriate way.

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Talks and Community Events

Talks on Climate Change and the project have been given to High Schools, parent groups, clubs and other organizations upon request. If interested, book a meeting to discuss climate change.