You can have a high quality of life with low carbon emissions.

The size of the average carbon footprint in wealthy countries varies dramatically with the source of energy used for electricity and the quality of public transportation infrastructure. The blue bars in the chart show the range among the 20 nations with the highest total emissions. You can lobby your government and vote to change these factors. Individual footprints also depend on personal habits that you can start to change right now.

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The people responsible for Climate Change are the ones with the power to solve it.

China and the USA, along with a few other countries dominate global CO2 emissions due to their large populations, their high rates of per capita emissions, or both. The chart shows each country's share of global carbon emissions next to their names. The poorest countries will suffer the most from Climate Change, but their emissions do not play a significant role. It is those with high emissions that have the leverage to reverse Climate Change.

Be part of a new model for development.

Most of the world's poor countries have very low average carbon footprints because of their low standard of living. Wealthy people in these countries have high personal carbon emissions. We need to create an alternative, low carbon path for them to follow as they develop and their quality of life improves.

A few areas dominate personal emissions.

The chart shows how over half of the 19 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions per person in the USA is from driving, electricity, natural gas (for heating), and food from cows. Choose your target areas.

Some changes are easy and come with extra benefits.

Look through the strategies and start with the easiest for you. Reduce your carbon footprint while at the same time you save money, save time and improve your health.