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100% means 100% 

  1. Fix the math - solar rooftops are double counted so we could have 100% and still burn coal.  
  2. Close the loophole for gas - they are currently exempted even though methane is a potent greenhouse gas.
  3. Move up the benchmarks - large scale solar power is already about half the price of oil.   

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Link to HB550

Link to SB571 (similar bill in Senate which targets Gas Loophole)


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I  [support / strongly support / request that you support / ask you to pass]  HB550 and SB571.

A. The transition to 100% renewable energy in Hawaii will save us money, clean our air, create local jobs, and make our energy supply more secure.  To maximize these benefits, we need this bill to fix the math so that 100%  actually means 100%.  We also need to close the loophole for the gas industry.  Finally, given how much cheaper renewable energy has become than imported oil, we will save money if we move the timeline up.

B. We have a law mandating 100% renewable energy by 2045 to stop the flow of money out of our State to pay for fossil fuels, create jobs, clean the air and slow climate change.  Right now solar rooftops are double-counted and the calculations are wrong.  Also, gas has no requirements on it at all which is unfair and distorts economic decisions.  Finally, given how much cheaper large solar farms have become than imported oil, our State will save money and reap more benefits if the benchmarks are updated to speed the transition.

C. Write your own!