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This policy is already in place, but a firm 2045 date and a mandate to start planning will guide investment decisions.

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A.  Hawaii’s energy policy already aims to eliminate the use of imported fossil fuels for electricity and ground transportation. Two years ago you enacted a deadline for 100% renewable energy in the electricity sector re-framed energy issues, fostered collaboration, and catalyzed progress in electricity regulation and planning. Now it is time to do the same for the transportation sector.

B.  Using local, renewable energy in Hawaii's transportation sector will clean our air, slow climate change, save money on imported fossil fuel, stimulate our economy, and make our energy supply more secure. We need to set a firm date so that decision makers will take it into account when making investment decisions.

C.  Without a firm plan for infrastructure Hawaii residents will not be able to take advantage of the new transportation technologies such as electric and hydrogen vehicles. Residents who want to do the right thing for the planet and their pocketbooks deserve this opportunity.

D.  Renewable energy stored in our cars and buses will help balance renewable energy on the grid.  This will allow more people to benefit from solar panels on their homes.

E.  Write your own!