7 thoughts on “20 for the next 20

  1. Hey Colin,

    You are right. I was there Thursday 26th, just to make sure the staked sapling was fine and the mulch kept the soil moist after three hot days. Thanks for keeping me straight. 🙂

  2. Thanks for checking the plot so recently, Wai (although did you mean you checked on the 26th? – the 27 is tomorrow . . . I was going to check the site this weekend, but I’ll wait until the following weekend to go since you’ve just been there.

  3. 1/20/2017
    Brought three buckets of water by the special Milo. Watered it. Weeded the 20 for the next 20 plot. Put down two more card boards with mulch to control weed. Overall the area look weed free, the plants looks good.

  4. Jan 15, 2016: Previously planted trees looking very healthy and growing well. Obviously established and well maintained.

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