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 Provides financial support for efficiency upgrades and batteries to reduce peak demand on the grid.

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Link to full HB1593.                   Link to full SB660.

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I  [support / strongly support / request that you support / ask you to pass]  HB1593.

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A.  Financial assistance for upgrades that help HECO customers reduce their energy needs at peak times will allow HECO to decrease fossil fuel power generation.

B.  The more people that produce and store power on the grid, the fewer power plants and fuel costs all ratepayers will have to bear. This bill provides financial support to assist consumers with efficiency upgrades to reduce their electric costs, and install innovative batteries and other upgrades that will reduce costs for everyone on the electric grid.

C.  Energy storage will transform our ability to benefit from local solar energy.  The cost of energy storage is falling quickly but rebates will accelerate adoption of this new technology.

D.  Write your own!